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Criada em 2004, a Coopercuc é formada por 271 cooperados, em sua maioria mulheres, que produzem deliciosos doces e geleias a base de frutas nativas do sertão.

Através da linha Gravetero, a cooperativa comercializa seus produtos nos mercados mais sofisticados do Brasil e exporta para Itália, França e Áustria.


Caatinga full of life

There, in the middle of the Sertão in Bahia – 415 kilometers from Salvador, in the region of Uauá, in 1997 – a group of family farmers decided to deepen the discussion on the possibility of improving the food of their families, while ensuring an alternative for generation of income. The work was based on the perspective of sustainable development, thus contribution to the strengthening of family agriculture, and pursuing an economically feasible, socially fair and solidary ecological production. Then, after a few years of experience, in 2004, COOPERCUC (Family Agribusiness Cooperative of Canudos, Uauá and Curaçá) is born.

In practical terms, a line of products was created, having as basis native fruits from the Caatinga, among them umbu and wild passion fruit (maracujá do mato). Other fruits, such as mango, conventional passion fruit and guava, are also the ingredients of vitamin-rich recipes. The fertile soil, the sun, present throughout year, the low index of rains and other natural riches of this biome make their fruits the most tasteful in the planet, conquering the most refined palates.

The heart on the land and the eyes looking for new horizons

A long way has been traveled until 2005, when mini-plants (15) were built in communities, as well as a central plant in Uauá, thus enabling greater quality and increase in the volume produced by the groups. The products, then, started to be sold to France (2005), through Alter Eco, and to Austria (2008). Germany and Spain have already experienced the tastes of COOPERCUC, which have the FLO Fair Trade stamp and Organic Certification.

With the perspective of making new businesses and forging new partnerships, as well conquering new markets at national and international levels, workers have participated in capacity building workshops and exchange processes, thus increasing their knowledge through new technologies and strategies.

Consolidated production capacity

Today, numbers present the evolution of a serious work which carries an indisputable social value. Coopercuc operates with 450 families, in 18 communities, involved in the careful production of creamy, tablet and light sweets, jams, compotes and pulps, which make up GRAVETERO line.

GRAVETERO’s main products are the umbu sweets, the umbu is a juicy fruit, rich in minerals and vitamins.

Currently, COOPERCUC is prepared to serve the domestic and international markets, with a production capacity of 200 tons of sweets, with a consolidated commercial and productive structure, and adding to the flavor and quality of its products, the work and history of a people who live in tune with the “appeals of the planet” for a preserved nature.

Partners and friends

In this proposal of development adopted by the Cooperative, the articulation with governmental, non-governmental and international cooperation organizations has been fundamental. This is proven by the partnerships with Slow Food, German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ),  Agrarian Development Ministry, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of National Integration of Brazil, Regional Institute of Appropriate Agriculture for Small Holdings (IRPAA), Caatinga Cerrado Initiative – Eco-productive Communities (MDA/ GTZ), Horizonte 3000, Catholic Men Organization of Lins (KMB), Intereclesiastic Organization for Cooperation to Holland Development (ICCO), Agendha, SEBRAE, Grazing Land Associations and Microentrepreneur Support Center, Institut zur Cooperation bei Entwicklungs-Projekten – Austria (ICEP) and AGRANA – Austria.

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